Great WordPress Tool for Authors: ScrapeAzon

If you have good reviews for your books at Amazon, you probably wish there was a way to show them on your WordPress website or blog without having to screen-scrape the copy. And wouldn’t it be great if all the new reviews would show up as well, without the need for you to check over there periodically to copy/paste them back to your website. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if there was a plugin for that? Turns out there is.

It’s ScrapeAzon, and it does exactly that—it lets you set up a window on any page of your WordPress blog that will display a live feed of all the reviews for a specified title on Amazon. To use it, simply install the ScrapeAzon plugin into the backend of your WordPress website, and then you can configure it.

In order to use this tool, you will need to have  Amazon Affiliate account and an Amazon Product Advertising API account. These are both free and easy to get. Set this information up just one time in the Settings area, and you are ready to start adding your reviews to your website.

Open up each page or post that you want to display review information on, and add the [scrapeazon asin=”< product number>”] shortcode, where < product number> is the ASIN or ISBN-10 of the product that contains the reviews you want to display. You can get that information under the “Product Details” area of your book’s Amazon page. Save your changes and you will now see all your Amazon reviews on your page or post.

Click here to see an example of what this looks like.



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