Kombucha with Dorchester English Breakfast Tea

img_1287Batch #3

Started 10/9/2016 @ 1:10 p.m.

Let cool until 7:20. Then:

  • Pour tea through strainer into 1-gallon mason jar
  • Stir 1-cup organic white sugar into mix
  • Add new scoby from original mother (from Kombucha Brooklyn, used to brew Batch #1 & #2)  with 1.5-cups kombucha from Batch #2).
  • Fill jar with filtered cold water until it levels out at 1-inch beneath the curve at the top of the jar.
  • Cover lid with cotton cloth and fasten tight with rubber band.
  • Place jar in cupboard.

October 16th Update:

Moved onto new heating mat in cupboard, hoping to increase the temperature to raise acidity and decrease the brew time, which is now taking 2+ weeks.

  • Current Temperature: 72°
  • Current pH: 4.1 (desired brewing pH = 2.5-3.5; FDA requirement = <4.6)
  • Taste notes: Slight effervescence; great black tea flavor but extremely sweet

October 22nd Update:

  • Current Temperature: 78°
  • Current pH: 3.5 (desired brewing pH = 2.5-3.5; FDA requirement = <4.6)
  • Taste notes: Slight effervescence; wonderful flavor! Ready to bottle.

Recipe: Ginger Peach Kombucha

Because the kombucha was still sweet, I decided not to put extra sugar in with the extracts. This batch yielded six 16-ounce bottles, plus a cup for the chef. Put the bottles in a box on the floor for room-temperature second fermentation. Will check back in 3-5 days.

Tasting note: The Olive Nation Peach extract smelled and tasted like bubble gum. I don’t know why, but my husband and daughter agreed that there wasn’t much “peachy” anything here. It still tastes good, but it’s not peach. I will research other brands of peach extract and tweak this recipe.

October 29th Update:

I did not taste the tea, but it’s been a week so I moved it into the fridge to stop further fermentation. Will try some out tomorrow.