Pumpkin Carving Tips

Pumpkin Carving Tips

  1. Don’t cut out the top of the pumpkin to scoop out seeds. Cut out the bottom instead. This way, the pumpkin doesn’t cave in on itself and it lasts longer. Also, you can just set the pumpkin over a lit candle or light without having to stick your hand inside.
  2. Sprinkle some cinnamon inside the pumpkin after carving. The heat from the light or candle will make it smell like pumpkin pie.

Mythical Beasts of Europe Poster

Here’s a fun & free PDF poster with a description and picture of some of Europe’s most famous (and some unknown) mythical creatures.

Mythical Beasts of Europe poster

Click to download PDF

Here’s what’s on the poster:

  • Alp – Germany
  • Banshee – Ireland
  • Basilisk – British Isles
  • Black Shuck – England
  • Ceasg – Scotland
  • Cerberus – Greece
  • Chimera – Greece
  • Dames Blanches – France
  • Dragon – Europe
  • Fenrir – Scandinavia
  • Herne the Hunter – England
  • Kelpie – Scotland
  • La Guia Xica – Spain
  • Medusa – Greece
  • Pegasus – Greece
  • Phoenix – Greece
  • Unicorn – Greece
  • Valkyrie – Scandinavia
  • Vodnick – Czech Republic
  • Xana – Spain


How to sell books on consignment to bookstores (and other retailers)

Bookstore displayMost bookstores buy books in one of three ways:

  • The bookstore buys the books up front from a distributor, or from the publisher directly, and then stocks and sells the books to their customers, and return any unsold copies.
  • Special orders: a customer requests a book that the store doesn’t carry, and the bookstore orders it from the distributor or publisher and then hold the book for the customer. Most bookstores now request payment up front from customers for special orders.
  • Consignment arrangements with the author or publisher.

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Another tree bites the dust

Refused StampI just finished marking yet another large, manuscript-filled envelope as “Refused-Return to Sender” and dropped it into the mailbox. This time, the author sent it to us via Priority Mail, and paid $11.15 for the privilege. Unfortunately, it was all for naught, because Barking Rain Press does not accept paper submissions.

I believe that Barking Rain Press makes this very clear in our Submission FAQ Guidelines, and yet, we have not had a single submission period go by without at least one paper submission.

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