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Autumn Leaves themepack

Click to download my custom Autumn Leaves Windows 7/8/10 Desktop Themepack

From time to time, I like to update the themes on my Windows desktop computer. The Windows Store offers a variety of free themepacks, but most of the time they are watermarked and are not necessarily relevant to my day-in, day-out experience. If Windows is a viewpoint out of a window, then I should be able to see on my desktop the sorts of things I could see out of my actual window. At least, that’s how I’m looking at it. Continue reading

Chanterelle & Green Bean Casserole

Chanterelle & Green Bean CassaroleThis is a popular Pacific NW version of the traditional Thanksgiving side dish, Green Bean Casserole. Stephanie Kimmel, chef/owner of Marché restaurant in Eugene, turned Thanksgiving’s well-worn green bean casserole into a refined dish. The colorful fresh green beans and chanterelles baked in a homemade white sauce are a serious improvement over the 1950s three-can combo. For toppers, the golden shallot and bread crumb crust out-crunches canned french-fried onions any day. To make things easy on the big day, prepare the beans and sauce ahead. Continue reading