Psst. That’s part of the test

Pass/FailMost publishers view their submissions process not just as a way to screen for manuscripts with potential, but also as an opportunity to evaluate the authors who wrote them. Can they follow instructions? Do they take the time to make sure their submission package meets all of the requirements? Are they able to work with the publisher’s technology? And how do they react if there are problems along the way? Continue reading

Things worth doing

Okay, so my last post was kind of a downer because I talked about “what not to do.” That’s always sobering. Today is the day before Turkey Day in the US, so I wanted to post a few positives going into the long weekend.

I want to talk about what one new author is doing RIGHT… and doing very, very well.

First, I want to mention that this is a brand new, never-before published author. A newbie. The kind of author VT specializes in. So everything I’m saying here is meant to truly inspire you, because she is just amazing. Continue reading