Free Windows Theme | January

January Theme Pack
Click to download my custom January Windows 7/8/10 Desktop Themepack

I’ve been thinking a lot about the month of January, especially as experienced in the Pacific Northwest. Our winters are a bit different than the snowy winters I remember from growing up in New York. We have a lot of rain, and cloudy, foggy days. It’s a bit chill, but it does vary. Yesterday I went to a local park to eat my lunch, and there was a lovely break in the clouds and an obscene amount of sunshine. I popped the moon roof on my Jeep, which rolls all the way back so you have a completely open box of sky above you, and cranked up the Smooth Jazz and enjoyed the break. It was about 50° F but the sun made it feel much warmer.

I got back to the office and threw together a new theme for my Windows 7 computer (I have Windows 10 at home and the theme works just fine). It contains 13 images of weather we see around these parts in January, and if you download and install it, you will see that conditions vary widely. Normally, I do 12 images in a custom theme, but I couldn’t resist throwing in a Northern Lights image. I know — we seldom get them down here, but our friends to the north certainly do, and it just felt right to add it in.

Hope you enjoy my “baker’s dozen” slideshow on your desktop!